Windows Tips

Below is a list of useful commands and keystrokes that can make your
navigation within Windows 95/98/NT easier.

Coming soon: Linux/Unix & Hardware Tips



Standard Keyboard Windows Keyboard
Close active window <Alt>-<F4> <Alt>-<F4>
Close active window within application <Ctrl>-<F4> <Ctrl>-<F4>
Copy selected item to the clipboard <Ctrl>-C <Ctrl>-C
Cut selected item <Ctrl>-X <Ctrl>-X
Paste selected item <Ctrl>-V <Ctrl>-V
Delete an item without sending it to the "Recycle Bin": <Shift>-<Delete> <Shift>-<Delete>
Display a "right click" context menu <Shift>-<F10> <Shift>-<F10>
Display the "Run" Dialog box none <windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-R
Display the "System Properties" Dialog box none <windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-<Break>
Find a computer on the network none <Ctrl>-<windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-F
Find a file or folder on your PC none <windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-F
Minimize all running applications none <windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-M
<windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-D
Open the start menu <Ctrl>-<Esc> <windows.gif (1403 bytes)>
Open the Windows help Dialog Box none <windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-<F1>
Prevent a CD from autoplaying Hold down <Shift>while inserting disc Hold down <Shift>while inserting disc
Restore all minimized applications none <windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-D
Start Explorer none <windows.gif (1403 bytes)>-<E>
Switch between running applications <Alt>-<Tab> <Alt>-<Tab>
Undo previous task <Ctrl>-Z <Ctrl>-Z

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